Introducing Ezrah’s Hands

Our Work

Ezrah’s Hands is a non-profit dedicated to Helping, Healing and Restoring Kinship Families.

At Ezrah’s Hands we work alongside other non-profits assisting Kinship families who need support but often times are overlooked. Our vision is to be helping hands. In Hebrew the root word of Ezrah means, ‘to help, to support.’ As an agency, we desire to reach alone, vulnerable, and at-risk kinship children by increasing stability in their lives.

Ezrah’s Hands commits to work with families long-term and desires to support Kinship caregivers as they raise these children. If you are a part of our community and desire to partner with us and our Kinship families please visit our website to read about some of our families and how you may help!

Our Team

Jessica Mitchell, M.A., LMFT
Founder and President

Nathan Bates
Executive Director